Whether it’s a modification to an existing shelf or a completely bespoke design, we will work with you to understand what you desire from the space. Incorporating your preferred style, we’ll then discuss a range of options suited for your budget and will describe the pros and cons for each option, allowing you to make a thoroughly informed decision. The best option will then be drawn up with 3D/CAD software to ensure the look is what you had in mind.

Once the design has been confirmed, the cabinetry will be constructed and pre-assembled in the workshop. All relevant appliances and hardware will be fitted before installation, minimising the time spent on-site & to deal with any potential problems before installation. It will then be carefully dismantled and installed in your home or workspace.

It is important that we minimise our environmental impact and so where possible, use timber and sheet material from sustainable sources.

Below are some of the brands we use: